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Annie's New Zealand Adventure!
Samoa trip


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Samoa and American Samoa
Since I was in the neighborhood I decided to visit my cousin Laura and her family in American Samoa for two weeks in November.  The way the flights worked out, I flew into Samoa and then had to fly over to American Samoa so it was really neat to get to see both places.  Laura met me in Apia Samoa and we spent a day and a half driving around the island, swimming with sharks, visiting her husband's family and checking out Apia.  While in Apia we watched New Zealand losing badly to Australia in the rugby world cup (a sad day for the All Blacks). 
In American Samoa I spent a lot of time watching it rain (I thought it rained hard in New Zealand), watching Finding Nemo and then we did a little "finding nemo" ourselves when we went snorkeling.  I joined Laura's soccer team while I was there, unfortunately our team lost pretty badly in our scrimage.  I got my first paid radio gig when I recorded some public service announcements for the local radio station (so when you visit you can listen to me!).  Jeremy, another of Laura's cousins, was visiting American Samoa at the same time so we tagged along with Laura to work a lot.  We also went for a really neat hike up to the radio towers where you can see almost the whole island.

The market in Apia - the capital of Samoa

The bus station in Apia

The beach where I went snorkeling my last day in Samoa

Justine, Gracie and Jacob - my cousin's adorable triplets in American Samoa

Sunset in Samoa - gotta love the coconut trees!

The reef worms that my family in American Samoa and I caught in the middle of the night - yum!

One of the many Catholic churches in American Samoa - very nice buildings

In Pago Pago, the main city in American Samoa

A view of Pago Pago from the hike Laura, Jeremy and I went on