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Annie's New Zealand Adventure!
Taupo trip


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Taupo - August 16-17th 2003
A group of us decided to go to Taupo for an overnight trip.  Taupo was of interest to me because it is where a couple of my mom's friends live.  Stacie recently bought a car so we drove down to Tongariro National park.  We were hoping to go hiking on the Tongariro crossing where parts of Lord of the Rings were filmed (Mordor and Mt. Doom).  Unfortunately, since it's winter, there was too much snow so we went on a smaller hike to Taranaki falls.  That night we played in the Taupo hot springs.  The next day we met up with one of my mom's friends, then went to Craters of the Moon.  I've never been to the Craters of the Moon in Idaho but the one near Taupo was pretty cool.

Taupo is located on the edge of Lake Taupo (the largest lake in New Zealand)

Behind the water on the window and the clouds are some volcanoes including "Mt. Doom"

The hike to Taranaki falls - in the snow!

Along the way on the hike

Taranaki Falls

Oliver and I tried the million dollar hole-in-one challenge on Lake Taupo - we didn't win

At Craters of the Moon National Park

Oliver, Sabina, Wilfried, Gesine and Stacie at Craters of the Moon

Cool plant life at Craters of the Moon

Once again, Craters of the Moon

Clever sign along the way to/from Taupo